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Support a family in our community with access to nutrient-dense food and knowledge for a year.

Sowing Abundance

Programming Fundraiser

We are currently raising funds to support the Palenke Produce Box program to consistently offer access to locally grown, nutrient dense food and community-building events. These financial contributions are an energetic support of our mission to highlight contributions and ensure the participation of equity-deserving groups on re-shaping our local food systems here in Victoria. 

Our request to you all is that you move from allyship and participate with us in this journey. With your support we’ll be able to continue providing:



with access to local, nutrient-dense produce



centered on nutrition where we can teach about seed saving, growing food, and food processing



where we can all connect in person, as a community - with food, of course!

200 individuals

and counting - is the number of individuals in the community that we've directly been able to support and uplift


of the people we serve are IBPOC

1 in 4

of participants live with at least one disability


of the people we serve are families of 2+ members


of participants expressed that they cannot afford to buy nutritious food on a regular basis

Harvesting Vegetables

how you
make a

This program has allowed me to feel more confident on a daily basis. I have been suffering from food insecurity, especially after a severe head injury that happened a few months ago that left me feeling very insecure,  coping with the day-to-day financial hardships and demands combined with health issues.

- Senior - Program participant

I am truly grateful [sic] for the program. Being a newcomer and a single mom, working to settle and offer my children a healthy life, having access to this amazing resource has been huge. Knowing we can reach out to this type of support help [sic] us to feel dignity and cared for. Palenke program goes beyond food security, it is a beautiful and meaningful [sic] way to create social connection and cultural literacy. It has been having a relevant positive impact on my mental heatlh [sic] for sure.

- Single parent - Program participant

Thank you for creating and maintaining this amazing program. It helped me access fresh and culturally relevant foods in a way I couldn't afford to do on my own. It helped me discover some new producers and fostered a sense of community.

- Youth - Program participant

We deeply appreciate you sharing with your networks who have the capacity to make a donation to support our work. Another way you can support this is to share this campaign on our Instagram account, which if you don’t already follow us can be found here.


We have some exciting projects brewing in the background that we can’t wait to share with you, but none of it would be possible without the inner fire of a network of people and organizations we are building mutually beneficial relationships with, such as yourselves! 

This truly is work for the people and by the people. We are amazed and humbled by all we have created hand in hand with you all. 


Thank you for being on this journey with us!

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