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We strongly believe that by engaging our hands in the soil and our soul in the songs we will find our way home, and remember our way forward. We will explore a land-based approach for treatment and healing for BIPOC members of the community, allowing for an activation and reconnection to the land while utilizing support to relearn, revitalize, and reclaim our ancestral wellness practices. This is a call for the decolonization of mind, body and spirit. 

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The Palenke Produce Box (PPB) Initiative is a farm-fresh food box program sourced locally from Vancouver Island-based offering free fresh produce bi-weekly. This initiative is aimed at supporting our communities’ access to nutritious, fresh, and delicious food while also re-invigorating our connection to the lands we live on, our relationship to where our food is grown, the resilience of our communities, and the vitality of our bodies.


Our corporate sponsorship program is a way for you to demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility and contributing to a healthy, equitable future for families in Victoria. 

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